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Vacant land

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The value of a piece of land is based primarily on its potential for use and takes account of both the nature of the environment in which it is located and regulatory limits on construction.

Our appraisers at HPDG have acquired experience that enables them to quickly identify the main factors directly influencing land value. Each piece of land has its specific characteristics and limitations. After inspecting the piece of land and its environment, our appraiser conducts an in-depth analysis of zoning and urban planning regulations in order to identify legally permitted development opportunities.

By basing their judgement on legal land uses, (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial), our certified appraiser will analyze the land value based on the use that yields the highest value and according to the prescribed land use standards for the site (e.g. height, density, boundaries, number of housing units permitted).

The market value is determined following a market analysis of the most recent transactions in the study area involving land with comparable zoning and potential for development.

HPDG appraisal

  • Identification of the property’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the area, its primary purpose, its evolution and any positive and negative factors
  • Detailed description of legally permitted building opportunities
  • Analysis of optimal use for the site
  • Analysis of the property market in the study area
  • Survey and analysis of transactions of comparable properties
  • Recognition and targeting of the key market parameters
  • Proof of prices paid by property type
  • Comparison of positioning of property on the market
  • Proof of estimated value based on facts and market indicators