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Single-family residence

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The purchase of a single-family home is probably the most important investment in a person’s life.

At least once in our lives, most of us are required to make an important real estate decision in an unfamiliar context. Whether the transaction involves a sale or a purchase, significant challenges often arise, and unexpected situations (e.g. opportunity, separation, settlement of an estate, insolvency) may interfere with good judgement. As such, it is necessary to seek out quality information to help us adopt the best approach in these circumstances.

HPDG appraisal

  • Identification of the property’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the area and the building’s compliance with neighbouring structures
  • Assessment of the real estate market in the study area
  • Survey and analysis of transactions involving comparable buildings
  • Comparison and positioning of the property on the market
  • Proof of estimated value based on facts and market indicators