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Market value

Market value is generally the most relevant value for real estate appraisals. It refers to the price a property would most likely fetch on an open and competitive market. As such, it is the most likely selling price for a property given market trends at the time of the appraisal.
At HPDG, our expert appraiser will help you to make an informed decision when considering any of the following transactions:

  • selling, purchasing or remodelling property
  • constructing, extending or renovating a building
  • developing land
  • taking out a mortgage
  • investing in real estate
  • settling property issues related to an estate
  • transferring real estate assets for financial restructuring
  • re-evaluating the real estate assets of a business or a portfolio
  • assessing the value of property in the family patrimony
  • settling all property issues involved in an estate, a divorce or the dissolution of a partnership
  • preparing a claim regarding the value of property that is subject to litigation