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Post-renovation value

Post-renovation value is based on the same assumptions as market value, but the former refers more specifically to the value of a building as affected by planned renovation work.

At HPDG an expert appraiser will help you to make an informed decision when remodelling, expanding or renovating a building.

Based on a simple list of the work you want to carry out and the materials you plan to use, our appraiser will be able to estimate the market value of your property once your renovations have been completed. Given the planned investment, this value will enable you to determine the profitability of your project, as well as the added value of your property due to renovations.

The appraisal report produced by HPDG can also assist you in financing the cost of your renovations through a new mortgage, calculated on the basis of post-rénovation value.

As such, post-renovation value can serve as an effective planning tool for an individual who wants to develop property without investing new capital.