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Market research and feasibility

The launching of a real estate project involves significant risks that the lender and the developer will absolutely want to minimize. Our accumulated experience of funding combined with our extensive knowledge of commercial and residential real estate market and access to reliable databases allows you to take full advantage of our consulting services in assembling financing packages. Our consulting services in real estate, piloted by Pierre Goudreau, C.A. AACI, are now offered in a more complete, rejuvenated and dynamic formula.

We have at our disposition further market studies for projects of all sizes, such as:

  • Opportunity studiesIdentification of optimal use for a site
  • Validation of project characteristics
  • Sale price or rental potential
  • Programming and project formulation
  • Establishing a preliminary budget
  • Assembly and coordination of file
  • Coordination with the professionals involved in the preparation of plans and specifications
  • Client representation for large and small files