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Plan-based value

The plan value is based on the same assumptions as market value, but the former refers more specifically to a property’s value as affected by a construction project.

At HPDG an expert appraiser will help you to make an informed decision when developing or constructing a building.

Based on your plans or a simple sketch of your project, and on the construction materials you intend to use, our appraiser will be able to estimate the market value of your property upon completion.

Depending on the amount you plan to invest in the construction of your property, an estimate of the plan value will enable you to determine the profitability of your project.

Moreover, the appraisal report can help you secure construction financing through a mortgage based on the anticipated value. We are available to conduct inspections during the construction of your project to monitor progress. This will allow the financial institution to make progressive disbursements corresponding to the costs you incur.

The plan value and construction progress inspections provided by our appraisers are effective tools for planning your construction project, from securing interim financing through to the last disbursement.