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Condominium management

Whether you are a co-owner or an administrator of a condominium property, you get convincing results when you entrust us with managing your building. Our professional, objective and impartial management approach allows you to avoid conflicts among property owners and better meet their expectations.

Our condominium management program helps lighten the task load for administrators as it offers a comprehensive range of services that is specially adapted to condominium properties.

Meeting management

  • Preparing and laying out the agenda for board meetings and the annual general meeting of co-owners
  • Preparing all necessary documents for annual general meetings, including:
  • The notice regarding the annual general meeting
  • Budget forecasts
  • Proxy forms
  • Ballots
  • Attendance sheets
  • Assisting in the smooth running of co-owners’ meetings
  • Keeping an up-to-date record of minutes

The declaration of co-ownership

  • Ensuring compliance with the sections and by-laws stipulated in the declaration of co-ownership
  • Keeping the syndicate’s records up to date
  • Promptly resolving problems or disputes among co-owners
  • Determining co-owners’ responsibilities with regard to building repairs
  • Proposing necessary by-laws to the board of directors that are beneficial to the building or its residents

Management of maintenance and repair work

You benefit from the economies of scale provided to HPDG by its suppliers.

  • Establishing or maintaining reliable services provided by the superintendent, if applicable
  • Hiring and supervising staff
  • Performing or authorizing repairs, subject to prior approval by the board of directors
  • Negotiating competitive contracts (e.g. elevator service and repair, insurance, snow removal, general maintenance, etc.)

Increase the value of your assets for less

We are actively involved in improving the quality, efficiency and profitability of the management of your condominium building by helping you achieve your maintenance objectives, while also increasing the value of your assets. Our rigorous management practices can generate substantial savings, with every action geared to ensuring top quality service at the lowest possible cost.

Financial management

HPDG managers are able to provide effective financial management at the lowest possible cost, by using the latest accounting technologies.

  • Collecting condo fees and depositing them in the building account
  • Preparing cheques for the payment of accounts
  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Maintaining a reliable system of receipts and disbursements
  • Providing quarterly debit balances, cheque registers, income statements and a comparative monthly table of heating and electricity costs for common areas
  • Assisting with preparing annual budget estimates
  • Producing annual financial statements for the condominium property, as well as any other documents required for audit purposes
  • Completing the mandatory annual statement for the Registraire des enterprises
  • Ensuring the preparation and maintenance of the syndicate’s records, books, reports and certificates, while providing access to these documents upon request. However, these documents remain the property of the syndicate

Secretarial services

  • Preparing correspondence and any other communications requested by the board of directors
  • Offering personalized telephone service during office hours